In the recent years, the importance of antioxidants has become well known to the general public. Due to this very reason, many people these days are looking for a different kind of antioxidants which can help them slow down the process of aging and which can also improve their skin health. However, still, one of the lesser-known antioxidants which is much more potent than any other kind of antioxidants is not being widely used to. It goes by the name of Astaxanthin. Most of you might not have even heard about it.

Just to put things in perspective, Astaxanthin is almost 500 times stronger than Vitamin E when it comes to the antioxidation power. Similarly, when you’re comparing it Vitamin C, it is 600 times stronger. Due to this very reason, you can be sure that if you’re looking for antioxidants, there is no other antioxidant which is as powerful as this one. Due to this very reason, the research is being carried out to make it easily accessible to people.

The benefits of Astaxanthin along with other anti-inflammatory drugs are:

-Reduction in the problem of arthritis
-Reduction in pain due to tennis elbow
-Protection from UV rays up to a certain extent
-Improvement in the physical performance of the body
-Better cardiac health
-Better mental health
-Better Eye Health

These are just some of the ailments against which Astaxanthin can protect you.

Why is Astaxanthin so powerful?
In order to understand the difference, you have to first look at the working of normal anti-oxidants. The benefit derives from the anti-oxidants is limited to the time for which they can transfer the free electrons. Once the transfer of free electrons is finished, the anti-oxidants are no longer beneficial for the body. On the other hand, when you speak about Astaxanthin has a large number of free electrons. Due to this reason, it can remain active in the body for a longer period of time. It can provide benefit to the body for a much longer period of time. When it transfers the free electrons, you can be sure that the free radicals which would be present in the skin or in the body would be entirely neutralized. This would provide you with the much-needed anti-aging properties which you need.

Moreover, in order to initiate the transfer, no extra chemicals are used. This is a completely natural process. This ensures that you’re not suffering from any side effects as well.

Due to this very reason, you can be sure that Astaxanthin, would provide you much better antioxidant properties than any other anti-oxidising agent.


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