Biosphere Product Quality and Transparency

biosphere products

At Biosphere Nutrition we pride ourselves on our premium products. Without taking any shortcuts, we have selected the best forms of each ingredient that our bodies can actually absorb and use.

Product Ingredients

We use the most well researched and absorbable forms of our ingredients to ensure you’re getting a safe product that actually works. We never include any artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, or preservatives. All our flavouring profile comes from plants. Our powders are sweetened with stevia leaf extract and monk fruit extract, both low calorie, plant-derived sweeteners and are coloured with turmeric and plant pigments.

Label Transparency

We’re proud about what ingredients we choose to include in our products so we’ll never hide anything behind a proprietary blend. Everything in our products you can find on the label. The amount of all key ingredients are stated, and only those ingredients used to flavour, sweeten and colour are listed under other ingredients.

Heavy Metals

Our ingredients are specifically selected for their extremely low levels of heavy metals. A huge problem with some cheap ingredients coming out of China is the heavy mineral content, making the argument that some supplements could be causing more harm than good. As well as selecting the cleaning ingredients, further lab tests are done on our product to generate heavy metal reports to make sure our products are clean.


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