Astaxanthin for Eye Health

Carrots, contain these molecules called carotenoids that make them orange. Being told to eat them to make you see better is not totally wrong. Carotenoids help with vision, especially maintaining a healthy retina due to the constant UV exposure our eyes deal with on a day to day basis.  Much more potent than mere carrots, Astaxanthin is growing in demand thanks to studies showing its importance for not just eye health but health in other areas of the body too.


What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring pigment called a carotenoid that is found in red or pink seafood and fish such as salmon and lobster. While naturally occurring, in marine life in small amounts, high dose concentrated versions of the nutrient now exist, and they are extremely well known for their health benefits.


Astaxanthin and Eyes

Studies are showing that Astaxanthin has around 10 times the antioxidant and UV protection properties of any other carotenoid.  While more research is required studies are yielding excellent results when it comes to age-related eye disorders, macular degeneration, the formation of cataracts and even slowing blindness. Astaxanthin really is showing signs of being a real super-nutrient.

Astaxanthin is finding a unique purpose in the digital age too. The so-called “blue light” from the digital screens we use in growing numbers for longer periods and the light from energy-saving light bulbs is placing strain on the human eye. Furthermore, the sun is still a danger to eyes and bringing the modern light sources and the sun together is becoming very harmful, noted by growing levels of eye problems in younger people. Astaxanthin is helping combat the damage done to eyes through exposure to digital blue light and increased exposure to what is becoming a stronger sun.

Sunlight, and other sources of modern-day light slowly degrade the membranes of the retina, this in turn damages and destroys the cells that make up the retina. There is a barrier between the blood and the retina that is hard to cross, and no antioxidants can do this effectively. However, and uniquely, Astaxanthin can cross this blood divide and send much needed antioxidants to the retina of the eye. This can prevent or slow down light-induced oxidation.  Interestingly Astaxanthin is proving to be a one of a kind substance that has the widest array of health benefits over anything else.


Astaxanthin Supplements

Protecting the eyes has become a common concern for many people and the benefits of Astaxanthin as a natural remedy for many eye and vision disorders has become well known. Astaxanthin has also been proven to be extremely safe, even for children, and thus its popularity has grown. This in mind, the product is now easily available as a softgel.  When taken as pure Astaxanthin or as part of an eye care product, the effects of the nutrient often go far beyond just the eyes hence it is being called a true super nutrient.

Astaxanthin Information

For more everything you need to know about Astaxanthin, check out our comprehensive information page here.

Astaxanthin Information


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