Magnesium and Inflammation Magnesium and Inflammation For many people inflammation of some part of the body can be a living nightmare where painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication become a part of daily routine. For so many health concerns, diseases and injuries one generally finds inflammation at the root. While small amounts of acute inflammation are important for acting as [...]
Magnesium for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Magnesium for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) PMS is a touchy subject, taboo in some ways. The fact is, PMS is real and while some women barely suffer there are extremes at the other end that make it barely tolerable for the woman suffering as well as those around her. Understanding PMS, why and how it happens [...]
Magnesium for Anxiety Magnesium for Anxiety Stress and anxiety combined is one of the biggest causes of death today. Stress leads to a variety of heart related conditions and it is one of the greatest challenges in the medical world. Combatting stress and anxiety is big business, there are countless energy drinks, calming drinks, medications and even gadgets [...]
The Importance of Magnesium in Diabetics The importance of Magnesium in Diabetics Magnesium is so important for the human body to function optimally, but in this article I wanted to focus on how important magnesium is for fighting and preventing diabetes. When we think of diabetes we think of high blood sugar, obesity and too many carbohydrates but not of a [...]
The Importance of Magnesium for Exercise The Importance of Magnesium for Exercise We have all had this happen: you get to the gym, ready to exercise and your workout is terrible. You have low energy, a poor performance, and you cannot wait for it to be over. Sometimes you are just having an off day because you didn’t get enough sleep [...]
Magnesium and Blood Pressure Magnesium and Blood Pressure Stress is on the increase, lifestyles and diets are changing our bodies and as a result, high blood pressure is one of the fastest growing problems among people of all ages. Most doctors tend to offer a little diet and lifestyle advice then prescribe a drug which can have horrible side effects, [...]
Magnesium for Migraines Magnesium for Migraines Magnesium is a nutrient that is slowly becoming a super-nutrient. The various uses and benefits of this amazing mineral supplement seem to grow continuously and while many people are becoming familiar with its well-known restless legs, bone health and anxiety benefits few know it is also good for migraines. Migraine Headaches Migraine [...]
What the medical studies are saying about Magnesium What the medical studies are saying about Magnesium The research into magnesium and its effects on the human body are extensive. Playing a role in so many aspects of human health, here are a few scientific studies on what magnesium does. Magnesium may benefit blood pressure in hypertensives Supplemental magnesium may reduce blood pressure people [...]
Magnesium Supplement Buying Guide Magnesium Supplement Buying Guide Which magnesium supplement should I buy? As one of the most popular supplements on the market, choosing a magnesium supplement can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many different types of magnesium with many different deliveries from powder, pills, capsules, oils and balms. When it comes to making a decision, [...]
Magnesium Dosage How Much Magnesium Should I Take? The dose of magnesium you require each day will vary largely depending on your size, gender, health and lifestyle. As magnesium is used in every single cell and over 600 biochemical reactions, you can see how the daily requirement can vary so much from person to person depending on [...]