How Much Magnesium Should I Take?

The dose of magnesium you require each day will vary largely depending on your size, gender and lifestyle. As magnesium is used in over 300 biochemical reactions, you can see how the daily requirement can vary so much from person to person depending on how we live our lives.

The FDA recommended daily allowances shown in the table below are the minimum amounts of magnesium you should be consuming in order to survive, however these are extremely broad and are very generalised to accommodate averages of an entire population.


Magnesium Calculator

Your optimal daily dose of magnesium is between and

Your Optimal Magnesium Dose

The optimal dose of magnesium depends largely on the individual person’s requirements. Daily intake for an average female should be at least 420mg per day and males 750mg per day. Adjust accordingly based on how your size varies from average and consider your bodies magnesium requirements If you exercise and sweat a lot you may lose more minerals than most. If you’re constantly stressed you might also need more than the average person. If your diet is pretty poor and consists largely of processed and fast foods you’ll want more than average.

If you’re a healthy individual with no obvious health concerns, aim for the lower end at 7mg per kg per day is fine. If you’re unhealthy and suffering from some of the magnesium deficiency symptoms, then aiming for the higher end of 10mg per kg per day would be recommended.

Current clinical data provides evidence that with magnesium intakes below 6mg per kg, per day, negative magnesium balance is likely to develop. At intakes above 10mg per kg per day, strong positive magnesium balances develop which can replete suboptimal tissue stores.[1]



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