Types of Magnesium Supplements

There are many ways to take magnesium and each considered slightly better than the other for certain conditions. Magnesium supplements are easily obtained over the counter, however, for some conditions it is worthwhile getting medical advice.

Essentially there are two methods of taking Magnesium: Oral and Topical


Perhaps the most common form of any supplement is in the form of a tablet, capsule or powder. There are many types of magnesium supplement that can be taken both pure magnesium and as part of general vitamin supplements or other supplementary products.

There are a handful of different types of magnesium that one should be made aware of and know that not all magnesium is created equal. Depending upon the symptoms you wish to address from general magnesium levels to a specific disorder it is worthwhile knowing the differences.


Topical Magnesium intake absorbs the essential mineral through the skin. Two types of topical magnesium supplements are widely known, oils/creams and salts.

Magnesium Oils and Creams

Magnesium Oils and Creams are spray on and rub in forms of magnesium supplement. For those who have digestive issues magnesium oils and creams are often the preferred choice of supplement. The oils and creams are absorbed through the skin and make their way into the small intestines. One minor side-effect is an itchiness or skin irritation for some people.


Epsom Salts is one of the oldest magnesium and other essential mineral “supplements” and has been used for centuries. One of the biggest mistakes made with Epsom Salts is in using it too sparingly and not giving it time to absorb. Taken in a bath of hot water using Epsom Salts as a magnesium supplement is one of the most therapeutic supplements possible. As with the magnesium oils and creams, some people find their skin is irritated after a bath and thus they result to using less and thus reduce some of the irritation and at the same time reduce the benefits.


Forms of magnesium

All the different forms of magnesium do not work the same and are regarded as very different. They all vary in terms of what the magnesium molecule is bound to, which effects the absorption rate and other protentional therapeutic benefits they might have. For these examples we will focus only on the top regarded forms of magnesium

Magnesium glycinate

This is a general magnesium and is best for anyone with a deficiency or just maintaining a healthy level of magnesium. Well absorbed and easy on the digestive system.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate offers one of the best absorption rates and is reasonably priced. It consists of magnesium bound with citric acid making it water soluble and very well absorbed.

Magnesium malate

For those with Fibromyalgia, muscle pain, and low energy this form of magnesium is highly recommended.

Magnesium taurate or magnesium orotate

For those with cardiovascular issues this form of magnesium is recommended. However, in heart related disorders it is always recommended to get medical advice before taking any supplement.

Magnesium theronate

This form of magnesium is most suited for those with neurological and cognitive symptoms. Again, with any disorder it is recommended to seek professional medical advice before taking any supplement, especially when on medication.



Magnesium supplements have become more popular and the health benefits and understanding of the mineral have become better known. It is always worthwhile seeking advice, even from a pharmacist, before just grabbing a magnesium supplement. For young children, the elderly and pregnant women advice before taking any supplement is vitally important.


Magnesium Information

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