Biosphere Nutrition is a New Zealand based Nutrition Company founded in 2015 with the key focus on creating the most bioavailable supplements we can to help aid the most common health concerns and deficiencies.

When creating a product our goal is to find the cleanest, purest, and best-absorbed ingredients to match the goal of the product. Unlike other companies we’re not putting in cheap, poorly absorbed forms of ingredients just so our label shows good looking numbers and low prices.

We want to give you what really works.

We strive to avoid any ingredients which may be deemed harmful and will never use any artificial sweetener or unnecessary chemicals. Our products contain naturally sourced ingredients wherever possible which lines up with our main focus of bioavailable ingredients. Nature knows!

With the help and experience of Doctor Ron Goedeke, who has been running an alternative wellness clinic for over ten years, and Nutritionist Kaytee Boyd, we have teamed to create nutritional products with real benefit.

Check out a blog post on our journey through making our magnesium powder.


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