Review of Magnesium Supplement

Review for Magnesium Supplement

This is now my Holly Grail magnesium product.
I love this product as it is so easy to use, cut the top off the sachet and mix it with water. I like it hot or cold….it tastes delicious and there are no nasty sweetners!
I don’t have to worry about measuring the correct dose as that has already been done for me. I find it very gentle on the stomach, so no running to the toilet in the mornings!
I take mine before bed and find it very beneficial for helping my body relax, unwind and quieten the mind ready for sleep.
I have found that this formula is also fantastic for PMT and I like to take an extra sachet during the day to help me feel calm and relaxed, even my husband and kids have noticed a difference!
It is great to find a fantastic formula here in NZ.


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