• Nitric Oxide
    Nitric Oxide
    Nitric Oxide
    Nitric Oxide
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    Nitric Oxide

    Formulated for Optimal Absorption
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    • Citrulline and Arginine Blend
    • Nitric Oxide Boosting Formula
    • Heart Health and Blood Flow Support
    • 30 Servings per tub

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  • Description

    Biosphere Nutrition’s Nitric Oxide enhancing formula combines the benefits of citrulline, arginine and a range of natural ingredients to boost nitric oxide levels, normalise blood pressure, improve blood flow and overall cardiovascular health. Backed by decades of scientific research, this high dose of citrulline and arginine aims to increase nitric oxide production, one of the most essential molecules for optimal blood circulation.

    Our Nitric Oxide formula comes as a great tasting, easy to mix powder that is free of binders, fillers and artificial ingredients. Flavoured with a natural fruit flavours, sweetened with stevia and coloured with a dash of annatto seed powder.

    Optimal Levels of Nitric Oxide have been shown to:

    • Support Optimal Blood Flow
    • Support Normal Blood Pressure
    • Support Exercise Performance
    • Support Optimal Sexual Health

    For more information on nitric oxide and its importance for optimal health, check out our information page here.

    Directions of use

    Mix a single scoop into water 200ml until dissolved. Take 1-2 scoops per day.


    What it is, what form, where it from, why it’s used.

    L-Citrulline Malate – Is the amino acid L-citrulline chemically bound to malic acid. It is converted to L-arginine in the kidneys when supplemented, which has been shown to boost nitric oxide levels. We have included L-citrulline malate instead of plain L-citrulline due to the additional benefits of malate. The malate molecule plays an important role in producing energy, adding to the addition of increased nitric oxide production.

    L-Arginine – Is another amino acid which the body needs to function properly. When consumed, L-arginine is turned into nitric oxide by the body. It is also used by the body to make other proteins, stimulate the release of growth hormone, insulin and other substances in the body. This makes arginine a key molecule for heart health, muscle building and male fertility.

    Hawthorn Berry Extract – The Hawthorn plant produces some incredible berries that have been used as a herbal remedy for heart issues for centuries. These berries are high in antioxidants and aid the production of nitric oxide. The extract can help normalise blood pressure by act as a vasodilator and help normalise blood cholesterol levels. We have included a concentrated berry extract to get a powerful dose in each serving.

    Vitamin C – One of the many functions of vitamin C is the role it plays in increasing the bioavailability of nitric oxide making it easier for our body to use and benefit from. Research shows vitamin C can helps make nitric oxide more available by preventing it from oxidising and helps enhance the vasodilation properties of nitric oxide.

    Vitamin D – Is extremely important for overall health but particularly hearth health. Many clinical studies have indicated that low vitamin D levels are related to cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure and the stiffening of blood vessels. Vitamin D enhances the production of nitric oxide in the inner layer of blood vessels, critical for the regulation of blood pressure. Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more prevalent due to poor diets and indoor lifestyles which is why it has been included.

    Sweetener, Flavour and Colour are all from natural sources. We use the best available natural stevia to sweeten the powder. The flavour is a natural peach mango and the powder is coloured with a dash of annatto seed powder.
    Read more about all our Nitric Oxide and Heart Supporting ingredients here.

    Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non-GMO.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • When should I take my Nitric Oxide boosting powder?

      Take either before a meal or before exercise.

    • Can I take this Nitric Oxide formula every day?

      Yes you can. It is designed to be taken on a daily basis. Once or twice per day.

    • When will my order be shipped out?

      All orders ship out by the following business day

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