Bioavailability of Biosphere Products

Biosphere Nutrition’s products are carefully formulated for maximum absorption through the bioavailable powder delivery method and quality ingredients we use.

Biosphere Nutrition products are designed for optimal absorption. To achieve this, we have moved away from conventional pills and tablets in favour of bioavailable powders. We believe best results can be achieved by drinking our supplements which is why we offer quality powders with therapeutic doses.

Biosphere Nutrition wants to ensure that the most of what we sell is absorbed. We go about doing this by including the most bioavailable ingredients in powdered form that our bodies can easily absorb.

Using a range of natural flavors, colors and sweeteners, we are able to create great tasting powders that mix well with water, offering maximum dispersion and the best chance of absorption through the small intestine.

Powder vs. Pills

When you swallow a tablet, your stomach has to break down the hard enteric coating and separate the compacted ingredients before it can be effectively absorbed through the small intestine.

Unfortunately, your stomach may not be functioning optimally and may struggle to completely dissolve a pill into a bioavailable form, especially when taking many at one time. A whole range of factors may contribute to a sluggish digestion such as age, stress, stomach acid pH, medications or an inability to break down vitamins and minerals into usable forms.

A typical pill with an enteric coat offers far lower levels of absorption compared to a powder as it is designed to resist stomach acid. A pill often does not fully break down before moving through to the lower intestine.[1,2]

Biosphere Nutrition’s bioavailable powders (Magnesium, Digestive Aid, Urinary Tract Support) are designed to be mixed with water and consumed as a liquid. When drinking our vitamins and minerals, we spare our stomach the task of breaking everything down and ensure our supplements make it to the intestine in an absorbable form.

Optimal digestion or not, taking your supplements in a liquid form gives your body the best possible chance of absorbing as much as possible.

After approximately 5 minutes the liquid supplements have started to be absorbed through the small intestine. Draining from the stomach and coating the lining of the intestine providing optimal surface area distribution and ideal conditions for absorption. In a liquid form, vitamins and minerals are more bioavailable and readily absorbed. The biosphere powder sachet mixes are absorbed faster than typical pills or capsules and offer a better rate of absorption.[3,4]

Our Astaxanthin soft shell capsules contain a liquid filling due to the best bioavailable form of Astaxanthin being in an oil. Astaxanthin is a fat soluble nutrient which as the name suggests, requires fat to be absorbed. Rather than relying on the user to make sure they’re eating fat when consuming Astaxanthin, we have included olive oil in the capsule. In situations like these, an oil based capsule can be perfectly acceptable as once they’re broken down, their liquid disperses well in the intestine as a powder to liquid supplement would.