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When formulating our products, we start by working out what most people need. We then put together a handful of ingredients and research each form they may be available in as not all supplements are created equal. Bioavailable is our promise which is why we seek out the ingredients that have been proven to be best absorbed by the human body.

Aiming for naturally sourced ingredients allows us to create a clean, healthy supplement while also offering the best absorption. We combine the knowledge of professionals that are regularly educating themselves in an ever-expanding field to create a product range that really works.

Doctor Ron Goedeke


Dr Ron Goedeke has been operating a wellness clinic focused on health and well-being for over ten years.

He specialises in functional medicine and has been a member of the American Academy of Anti-aging since 1999. He has helped thousands of patients improve their health through correct nutrition, supplementation and hormone balance at the Appearance Medicine and Wellness Centre. With years of clinical experience, he has come to understand which supplements offer the biggest health benefits and has been a great asset to choosing the right ingredients to use.

Nutritionist Kaytee Boyd


Kaytee Boyd has been working in many facets of the health industry for the last twenty years.

After studying human nutrition and sports science, Kaytee has continued to educate herself through the CHEK Institutes wellness programmes. Through on-going education, she is at the forefront of nutrition and wellness and has played an important role in the formulation and construction of the Biosphere Nutrition product range.