Urinary tract infection is caused by the bacteria which is present in the urinary tract. Normally, when a few bacteria are present immunization system of the body would be clearing that bacteria. However, when the power of the bacteria is more, then the immunization system is not able to fight it off, it would be staying in the urinary tract. When that happens, you would be suffering from urinary tract infection. They can easily impact the different organs which are related to the urinary system. They can impact the bladder as well as the kidney and also tubes which are connecting them. Due to this very reason, at time it becomes difficult to control it.

Doctors often get a lot of cases related to urinary tract infection each and every year. This is actually a very common problem.

There can be a lot of different causes of urinary tract infection.

Some of these causes would be discussed below.

1. Diabetes:
If you’re suffering from diabetes, there are chances that the bacteria might be present in the urinary tract. This would ensure that you have a higher probability of suffering from urinary tract infection. Most of the chances when you’re suffering from diabetes is when the immunization system is also on the weaker side.

2. Not maintaining proper hygiene:
If you’re not maintaining proper hygiene, it can increase the number of bacteria present inside your body significantly. If this bacteria is increased, it would become difficult for you to avoid the infection.

3. Having a Catheter in the body:
If due to any reason, you have undergone an operation and have a catheter in the body, then it can also cause urinary tract infection. Many of the catheters stay in the body for a longer period of time and that is why they are not entirely hygienic. Due to this very reason, they can also cause the urinary tract infection.

4. Kidney stones:
If you’re suffering from kidney stones, that would certainly create problems for your urinary tract. This can easily cause UTI if you’re leaving them untreated for a pretty long period of time.

So, if you’re looking at the causes of urinary tract infection, it is important to look into these 4 causes and thereafter you would understand why you are suffering from urinary tract infection and when is the highest amount of probability of suffering from urinary tract infection.


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